iBoT Gaming is a Dutch League Of Legends team with members from The Netherlands and Belgium. We are a group of people that wants to combine friendship, fun and competetive esports.

iBoT Gaming was found on 14th july 2010 and the team was originally a multigaming organisation. We played games such as FIFA, Call Of Duty 4,... with the same playerbase. Although we do play other games than League Of Legends, we focus on League Of Legends from now on.

Latest Events

  • 26february

    Blue Elph sponsorship
    Today Blue Elph has accepted us for a sponsorship! They sponsor us with 25% discount on their products.

  • 24february

    DiM3s joins iBoT!
    iBoT Gaming has completed its lineup for the current season. DiM3s is a skilled diamond player & a friend of Lea!

  • 24february

    FPS Hosting sponsors us!
    We can happily announce a new sponsor. FPS Hosting has decided to sponsor us with a TS3 server. More info on our sponsors-page!

  • 10february

    Bonz joins!
    Bonz has joined iBoT Gaming to reinforce our activity and skill level! He has been a clan friend for quite some time.

  • 08february

    Suprah joins!
    Due to the inactivity of Spoot we had one more spot open in our team. We have found Suprah as our last member for the team!

  • 19january

    Lucifer joins!
    Lucifer is our newest & last member for the upcoming LoL Season!

  • 9january

    Ndis joins!
    Ndis joined iBoT Gaming today! He used to be a partner of iBoT Gaming.

  • 3january

    Lea joins!
    Lea has joined iBoT Gaming today! We have known him for a while and we are happy to have him around!

  • 27november

    Forum online!
    The website was done for quite a while, but we now also have our own forum! Go check it out people!

  • 11november

    Status website
    We can happily announce that our website will be ready soon.

  • 09november

    Evil3yes joins!
    We are happy to welcome a new player to iBoT Gaming.

Our goal

Our main goal would be to become on of the best teams around, but we have to be realistic ofcourse. So we would already be happy if we could get better every season, we aim to all reach the Gold division this season. Nexto to improving our skills we would also like to have a strong parnetship with gaming companies. We want to reach our goal via:

You can all join us on our path to the Gold divisions by watching our streams and stay updated via our social media.